Advobot – Advocate as a Service


“Advobot! A bot fighting your case instead of a lawyer! “


As the whole world is moving towards digitization then how can the legal system be left behind. If you go online, you will find huge number of sites which connect lawyers, clients, advisers. These are mere platforms which helps you to gather information, connect with experienced people and fight a legal case. But the story is going to be different once AI takes over and facilitate invention of “Advobot”. The whole legal system will be dependent and available through bots.

Challenges against Judiciary System

Well, in the beginning all the new ideas seemed unrealistic but finally when they were realized…they took over the world. If we look at the current judiciary system, then you will find it completely outdated – 19th century system. Hardly 10% of the processes are digitized and the adoption itself has its challenge when it comes to those employees who are going to retire soon. As per the latest study, there are over 3 crore cases pending in various courts. These numbers are expected to go up as there are more cases filed everyday as compared to the number of cases resolved. Such situation clearly indicates the need for a faster judiciary system especially in India.

Reluctance to use such automation

Every new beginning always has naysayers, so will this one be. It will definitely get some negative attention in the beginning as its impact is on a bigger ecosystem. The acceptance will come only when people will see its benefits superseding the negative impacts.

Such bots will enable lawyers to dig deeper into the laws/sections and bring out the best argument on their cases. In a way, its going to be an ease for the current players in this field. But this will also impact jobs as it will reduce the dependence on human intelligence. Advobot will help in fighting difficult court cases with less human intelligence in fact it can take it to such levels where a lawyer doesn’t even need to look at the case at all.

I expect it to be a short term reluctance but eventually it will go away when people realize the benefits arising from such services.

How it can be achieved?

Not everyone has idea regarding today’s technical advancements in the field of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence. These technical changes have brought drastic impacts in achieving Self-driving cars, solar energy advancements etc. These technologies are bringing a tectonic shift in the way new innovations are being done. The best use of these technologies has been in the fields of space exploration, robotics and climate control. Moreover, its not limited to these fields only. There are other implications of these technologies which are currently being explored and legal technologies is one of them.

Too good to be true? Checkout

Still if you think its too good to be true, then you must check out ROSS Intelligence. It’s an AI based system which assist lawyers in doing superfast research on their cases and deliver better productivity to their clients. This system has been designed to facilitate lawyers with –  a) Improved Workflow Integration, b) Bill Less, Deliver More advantages.

Final Thoughts

One such system “Advobot” is expected for Indian Judicial system as well, where our whole legal system is available through AI to explore and provide extra terrestrial intelligence for the pending cases with super-sonic speed. Looking at the development happening in the Indian technology ecosystem, the day is definitely not too far when we will have such systems in place for our Law System.

You can share your views below on the need of such system for Indian judicial machinery.

Entertainment as a Service (EaaS) – Tapping into the mind
Entertainment as a Service –

“A bot which entertains on the kind of jokes only you like”, how does it feel?

All humans have peculiar taste towards entertainment, some like jokes, some like horror, some like games, some like driving etc. etc. This peculiar taste in entertainment creates the need for entertainment bots which understand your mood and play what gives you happiness. I am referring here the interactive entertainment industry which runs in to trillions of dollars … may be more. We know the journey from radio, TV to internet but we hardly know why this industry has grown to be the number one. This industry touches on a very personal spot of human life that is to be happy.

We all want to be happy all the time and we look for this happiness in the outer world in different forms. Instead of switching channels or watching movies, we just access the entertainment bot and ask it to check our mood and show us what we would like. This is something not available today, but when it gets launched then it will surely be called “Entertainment as a service” or “EaaS”. The personal aspect will come from Machine Learning which will check the mood of a person by tapping into the human brain and show as per the mood.

Interesting but far fetched

It may look a little far fetched but this will eventually come as browsing the internet or surfing the channels is a waste of time. There was a time when people hardly had access to TV, which was a big surprise to watch the real life visuals. Kids used to think that the actors are inside the TV and doing the dance. As the world progressed, all these technological innovations seem intrinsic to our daily routine. Similarly, EaaS, when arrive will become an intrinsic part of our daily routine and would not seem far fetched at that stage.

Need for such service

Its human tendency to reach higher than the others. The quest for higher targets has left very less time for ourselves and this will be the use case for saving time and play something as per your mood and taste. In today’s internet age, the customized entertainment is in our hands which is a step ahead of the Radio/TV revolution. EaaS will be the next step in this quest which will change the way technology entertains us.

Conquering the unthinkable

“How would you feel if you don’t have to open your eyes to watch your entertainment program?”, this is what we saw in a previous article “Computing with Skin and Mind – Facebook Building 8 Initiative” which talks about Facebook working on a technology to reach the brain through the skin. We can refer to the movie “Matrix“, where people were plugged into systems to learn new skills. If everything goes well with Facebook’s plans, then we might encounter such technologies in the near future.

I just came across this quote on entertainment which goes well here – “Entertainment has this way of resetting itself”.

Data Cloud – A Social Networking Approach (

Data Cloud

The social networks have been there which cater to our personal/professional requirements to connect. Although, they are promising and at the top but still there is a missing element in them which is currently being explored. The exploration has taken us to have subject specific/niche networks. Niche networks are those networks which cater to specific subjects. One of such network is It is meant for the data hungry people who are looking for data or would like to share data. This network gives us functionality similar to twitter, Facebook but restricts you to have data related themes and discussions. I have termed it as Data Cloud as it can also be used to store data privately as well.

Emergence of content specific networks

Facebook, Twitter, G+ are crowded network and searching relevant information on such networks has become a headache. All these networks fulfill our requirement to connect but also give us a lot of noise in terms of advertisements, hollow posts etc. Niche/Content specific networks are here to fill that void and give us a space where we can go to look for relevant information. Another value which such networks provide is the easy reach to specific audience. Facebook’s value is from the way it connects you with friends and families. But when it comes to business/professional connect, it is only an advertisement platform for promotion. The content specific networks like, have understood this need and given us these niche platforms.

Data Cloud – Platform for sharing data

We are already aware of having storage available on the cloud for personal/professional use. It is all unstructured data which we store on the cloud today. Data Cloud refers to having subject specific data with relevant details so that it could be reused. It gives us the opportunity to create data specific group which can be accessed publicly. It has features similar to twitter which lets you follow individuals and groups. Other useful feature is that you can even have the licensing terms defined for the data you share.

Simplified Data Views

As we have a social network dedicated to Data, so it also makes sense to have the data displayed in a simplified way. Data Cloud – ‘’ shows all the data in simplest form which can easily be browsed. Whatever is the format of data you upload, it will show the data in specified configured forms. You don’t need any extra software to have a look at the data uploaded on

SQL Query execution

If you are in data business, then you must be in love with SQL. And amazingly, does give the flexibility to run SQL queries on the data even if its uploaded as excel, pdf, csv or any other format. So, no need to run manual filters on excel, just execute the SQL to achieve your dataset.

Aspiring Data Scientists

If you are an aspiring data scientist, then there is no better place than to hang around. You can get loads of data to fiddle and many good data scientists to follow. Instead of looking for sample data on the internet, now there is one place where you can search for the required sample data which is real. Statistical analytics is the most important skill for a data scientist, and it can only be achieved through experience. When you have a lot of data to play around, it gives you confidence to achieve your level of perfection. So, join this new community to have your share of experience.

It’s the rise of niche networks which is making a big mark on the internet industry. I am sure there are many more areas which are currently being explored and will have its own impact in the near future.


New Terms
Hollow posts- posts which have no significant or real worth; The social networks today are crowded with posts which have no significant value for us but they eat away our time.

Amazon Dash – IoT in the simplest form

The Cloud Blog - Amazon Dash - IoT Button
The Cloud Blog – Dash Button

Now a days, we hear a lot about automation, robotics, IoT, cloud services, digital transformation.  All these terms are not easy even for a techy guy to digest then how can we expect a common man to understand them. For a common man, its just another technological advancement happening in the background. Amazon gave it a thought and has brought the complexity out of one their innovations which is Amazon Dash – IoT Button.

IoT Button – Easy way to order stuff

Amazon Dash – Iot Button is so simple and easy to understand, program and use that a common man can use it with maximum utilization. It is one such small IoT device which can assist you in remembering things which we usually forget. The most common use depicted by Amazon is to order on through this button. You can put this button close to your washing machine and use it to order consumables related to it. Similarly, it will be for kitchen and office stuff also. I would say that these are easy things to consider for such an innovation.

Innovative ways to use Amazon Dash

One of the most important use which I think of it as a safety switch. Anybody can carry it along with himself/herself and press it in case of any adversity to send message to the dear ones. This can be very useful for people who needs to travel late night or to far off places. You might not have a chance sometimes to give a call to your loved ones but this button can be savior in such cases. It can also be used by elderly people to alert their loved ones in case of emergency.

Another innovative use of this button could be to call a waiter at a restaurant. Instead, the waiter keeps on watching the customer at all times for a call, a button placed on the table can be utilized to order. There have been innovations where iPad is being used to order stuff from the table but that takes away the simplicity out of the restaurant. Having IoT button will keep it simple and away from digital influence.

I like the way Amazon is leading the industry with its innovative products. These innovations are the key for them to become no. 1.

Innovation on the rocks – Alcohol as a Service (

The idea is so compelling that I could not stop writing about it. Undoubtedly, you can innovate everywhere, just need to have that bent of mind. Hipbar is one of these ideas which is implemented differently and accustomed to Indian business ecosystem.

Alcohol as a Service(AaaS, A3S) is the latest on the cloud with its unique concept to give power in the hands of alcohol lovers to save money. We have many who really want to finish that bottle of Scotch in one go but there are a few who can’t and this service is for them. No need to buy in pegs (30/60) but buy the whole bottle everytime and use it at your own pace at your favorite bar.

Customer Delight

The idea is to give the powers in the hands of the customers and take the bars along with you to serve them better. Customers are always looking for sweet deals and it’s all up to us (Innovators) to get them what they want. Surely, this idea got generated at a pub as the other million ideas which changed the world. The problem statement clearly has Customer in focus and help them counter the ever rising prices of alcohol at their favorite bars.

Bar’s Advantage

This will bring the bar on the digital bandwagon and will also bring new customers. Every bar is looking to increase its footfall and what better way to have its presence on the internet and with a brand which has plans to fill a vacuum in the industry. Digital involvement of the business will make it more visible on the internet and association with a digital provider will increase its local reach.

Social Responsibility

“With great power comes great responsibility” – a famous quote from Spiderman franchise. Similarly every entrepreneur needs to work with social responsibility in mind. The customers who fulfills the age requirement will only be able to book on this app. This way the promoters are helping the bars to comply with local laws.

Ultimately, it has to be a win-win for customer and the business owner both for an idea to succeed. Hipbar gives them a platform to continue their activities with added advantages.