SpaceX changing the way we travel or “Space Travel”!

Space Travel

“Imagine travelling from New Delhi to New York in 1 hour – The next level of Travel!”

Today we struggle with the huge amount of hours required in inter-continental travel. New Delhi to New York takes around 24 hours, even New Delhi to Europe take more than 8 hours. All this is going to change as per the plans shown recently by Elon Musk for his venture “SpaceX“. SpaceX is working on a plan to transform travelling on earth, where a rocket will take you to space and then re-enters the earth and brings you to your destination. As per SpaceX’s achievements in the past related to Space Science, it looks like as if the perfection has been achieved in Rocket Science. This perfection is now turning into commercial aspirations of the corporation.

Is it really something achievable?

We usually say “Nothing is impossible!”, then how can we doubt something on which so many Govt. Agencies / Pvt. Corporations have worked in the past 70 years. It’s only that it has been planned to execute in a different way now. Although, such references of travel can be found in many science fictions but it’s only now that we feel confident to achieve it. It’s just a matter of time when we achieve what seemed impossible years ago. The same thing is with SpaceX vision. There have been multiple articles on the internet saying this is too ambitious, a logistics nightmare etc. But they are just viewpoints. If we really want the answer, then we should look at it from the perspective of mastering the space travel.

Now-a-days, we hardly get to hear any incidents where space rockets failed or any casualties happened due to that. It gives a clear signal that humans have mastered space travel. A famous phrase “This is not rocket science”, will will be irrelevant 10 years down the line.

In order to prove their current capability, Elon showed the journey of rocket inventions happened at SpaceX. You can check out the below picture from the presentation where evolution is shown pertaining to their Rocket Capability. 
SpaceX Rockets - thecloudblog.in(Image Courtesy – SpaceX)

Space Travel – Disruption in the air

Air travel has come a long way in the last 200 years, which will be redefined by SpaceX by introducing travel through space designed rockets.

Elon seems to be obsessed with the way humans travel – First Electric Cars and now Space Rockets.

In today’s world, where most of the digital work could be achieved even from a distance then why do we want to shift to the next level. This level is going to change how we used to imagine travel. The disruption will be huge as there will be a new category of travel available. The regulatory authorities need to work on new regulations for this industry, the people need to change their mindset.

Wheel -> Bullock Cart -> Motor Vehicle -> Air Travel – Space Travel

Shift in Strategy

Why such a sudden shift from Space exploration to providing services in current times. It is only due to the need to commercialize operations at the earliest. Till now, the funding received has only been for the space missions(Space Travel / Reaching Mars) but the time has come for SpaceX to generate revenues for its investors. Any commercial venture is not viable if it can’t generate revenues for its investors. The change in strategy is right one if SpaceX wants to continue exploring the space and be relevant in the future.

In spite of all the failures, the true strength of SpaceX is now visible to the world. Now we understand, what a brilliant vision and  perseverance can achieve.

“An ever emerging world of possibilities is right upon us, we just need to realize our strengths and conquer!”

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An avid technology addict, I have major interest in all the new technologies around. Cloud has been very fascinating, which pushed me to start my own blog on the subject.

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