Tennis-as-a-Service (TaaS)


“As a Service concept should not be restricted to Software, it has the potential to involve Software+Hardware as well. Tennis-as-a-Service could be one such idea! “

We have seen multiple examples where Software as a service (Pay as you go) options are available. All these options can easily be implemented and used from anywhere in the world. This can be considered the best business model so far, whether B2B or B2C. As you are billed per-use only, so there is less capital investment which leads to less risk and also keeps you flexible in terms of moving to other providers. There are multiple benefits which you can derive from As-a-service concept, which is making it more popular in today’s time.

Can Hardware be provided as-a-service?

The next revolution will arise when we bring Hardware+Software as-a-service concept. The software has been an intangible product which made it the best candidate to deliver it as-a-service, but now the time has come to reach the next level where Software+Hardware would also be available as-a-service. The difficult part here is how to provide the software remotely, surely it will be a challenge. How about we bring 3-D printers into the picture? You print your hardware at home and download the required software from the internet. This way we don’t have to move even an inch to get the services we require.

The Vision (Tennis-as-a-Service)

A sport which can be played between 2 players and with the minimum hardware required can be the best candidate for such a vision. The next thing which I am gonna say may make you laugh – we won’t be requiring a ball to play tennis. This might not seem real but this is going to be the future if we want to move to such a vision. We have already seen Sony Playstation where players just need to have a small device like Playstation Move. This will be a precursor to the next level of gaming where such devices will be 3-D printed at home and would take us more closer to the “Tennis-as-a-Service” vision.

Now, the questions arise – a) How would we get rid of the ball in this? b) And how can we have a complete experience of the sport?

Get rid of the ball

Getting rid of the ball in a racquet sport seems like taking away all the fun. Here we are getting rid of the real ball but it will remain there virtually. The racquet stroke will also have similar kind of a feel when the ball is hit on the virtual racquet and the ball direction will also be similar to what we see in the real world. Having such a setup not only gives a new dimension but also help the players experiment a different kind of shots.

Replacing the whole racquet

The next part of the game is to replace the racquet with the grip area only. The grip is going to be the most important and the only part of the hardware. As we only hold this area and experience everything on our hands while playing the shots, so having this except the whole racquet will do. Now, what will form this area is going to be the innovation. This area should be able to give you the feel of the complete racquet and it should also let you feel the heaviness when you hit the ball. This will require a lot of new innovations and their fusion with technology to achieve. I am sure this might seem impossible in the start but we know that impossible itself says – “I’m Possible”.

Fusion with Virtual Games

Tennis-as-a-Service will require fusion with the virtual world of gaming as we are counting on the stream to be shown virtually. This will enable two players to play together if one is on Earth and the other on Mars. The war of the next level virtual gaming is already on between Microsoft and Sony. It’s all now between who conceptualises the Hardware-as-as-service concept first.

I have tried to bring something new to the gaming world. I am sure you would also have new concepts brewing in your mind. Share your thoughts below on the new gaming paradigm.

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The world is changing as per Science fiction

The world is changing as per science fiction

“History repeats itself but the future is written in the books was never thought of. The shape of the world is changing just like the way science fiction movies have been showing us.”

Although entrepreneurs are the ones who get the credit for making new innovations possible. In fact, it’s actually the imaginary mind of the people who do the job. Albert Einstein once quoted – “Imagination is everything, It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. What he quoted seems exactly true today as we move towards automation in every field. And copy all the concepts which have been shown in the movies.

Artificial Intelligence is something which has been there for the last 50 years. But its use has never been so popular and in demand. A few years back, every techno-entrepreneur was just thinking in terms of digitization, processing data or making games. Now, there is nothing which can be thought of without having Prediction model in mind. Artificial Intelligence has brought us to a stage where prediction has been easier looking at the previous data trends. As computer systems have been already capturing data for more than 20 years, so getting the trends and using them on predicting future trends is easy. The movie “Minority Report” is the one which considers the technology to check human behaviour and predicts any crime before it happens.

Impact on Daily Life

Boston Dynamics is an organization which has been working on different kind of robots and their usage in our daily life. Their experiments on making robots walk like humans, carry products in hands, figuring out the surroundings have been very successful. They have reached an advanced stage of making a lot of science fictions real. The most promising movie in terms of robots imitating human actions is I, Robot. I believe if we ever come close to accept robots as our partners in daily life, then it will most likely be the way shown in this movie.

Predict the Future

There is another science fiction movie, which everyone would love to see coming to life, which is Paycheck. This movie shows a machine being developed which visually shows your future. It does this by looking at the lines in your hands and how they relate to the future. This is something which still seems impossible because the future is still unpredictable. Still, there are minds which are working on predicting the future and finding ways to achieve the impossible.

“The change is inevitable but how it comes into existence is something to be thought of. “

Share with us your thoughts on how the world is shaping up in the below comments section.


Smart Cities – Disguised Connectivity


Smart Cities – thecloudblog.in

“Social networks are spoiling our happiness, but difficult to stay away from. Screen time is killing our creativity, but can’t help it. People say that they are not slave to the digital revolution, but they can’t spend even a single day without digital devices. “

Even though, we are aware of so many down sides of going digital or becoming a social addict, but ultimately we are getting deeper into all this. Our life – personal or professional – is now being digitized. We publish to share our memories with our dear ones, it gives a sense of pleasure as we feel connected. We use digital tools everyday for our office work as it is a must for each profession – almost impossible to imagine a profession without using digital devices. In all these changes, a fast change is coming which is of SMART CITIES.

Every developed or developing nation is currently moving towards introducing Smart Cities. Smart Cities are expected to show us how the future will look like for the mankind. These cities are envisioned to give us more security, better living standard, better work environment and ultimately give more happiness. But are they really being planned for our happiness, or they will be used to keep an eye on our daily activities. Smart cities are designed to have the best digital connectivity to counter crimes, accidents, natural disaster etc. but in the end they are also designed to keep an eye on each single step of ours – not only in digital world but also the real world.

IoT – a smart city facilitator

The cameras all over the city was not enough that now, we are installing IoT devices all over which can track us through our finger prints, retina scans etc. IoT is an enabler to the smart city concepts. It has been with us for a long time, but its only now that innovators/institutions have recognized its true potential. This will prove to be a differentiation factor  while comparing the old cities and the new smart cities. The main use of IoT is happening in surveillance, traffic systems, building management etc. By passage of each day, IoT is witnessing a huge number of innovation whether its small toys(Kid’s toys like small robots) or the big boys toys (especially Cars).

Death of anonymity

In today’s times, it is almost impossible to be anonymous. Our foot prints are everywhere,  govt. are keeping a tight vigil on financial transaction for tax calculations. The traffic systems which are equipped with high end cameras are looking over the road but they are also being utilized to keep a tight security around the city. Our office systems keep a track of our movements inside the office. And the most dangerous is the mobile phones in our pockets, the real killer of anonymity. All these things have contributed towards smart cities but in the end killing our right to anonymity. Smart cities are paving a way to a world where you will no longer be anonymous.

Check out the below video to see how every person can be tracked with the use of AI and IoT.

Smart Cities will prove the one phrase right – “You can escape but you can’t hide”

The future is clearly shown in the above video and it is not a distant reality. What do you think of this phenomenon – will it be beneficial for us all?


Redmi Note 7 Pro – Camera AI at its best

“It’s going to change the way we have been clicking photos on mobile. The Advanced AI program in Redmi Note 7 is one step ahead.”

Few years back, we used to be obsessed with the Camera Hardware – MP – aperture etc. It is all changing now as we are getting more dependent on the software as well. Hardware is still something important but its the software which has taken the lead to deliver better photos. Although, Xiaomi has taken a step ahead in providing 48 MP camera in Redmi Note 7 but more than that its the software which is the key feature. Xiaomi is launching Redmi Note 7 on Feb 28, 2019 – Official Site

Fastest adoption of AI is through Mobiles

Mobile penetration has been the highest in the last few years thanks to the organizations like Xiaomi who are providing good hardware phones to the consumers. Due to stiff competition in the mid to low segment market, all the big players are being forced to launch their products also at similar ranges. Samsung with their M-Series and Sony with their Xperia range are also trying to tap this market.

As there is higher penetration of mobiles with consumers, so they become the best playground for AI technologies as well. Camera being the best beneficiary of this technological advancement. It is the most used feature in today’s time as almost all the phones have cameras. And providing the best AI algorithm will make more sense in delivering better.

Beautify 4.0 from Xiaomi is one step towards providing the best AI in their phones. The algorithm which is clearly a step ahead in this segment and supported by the hardware can deliver amazing results.

How far we can go in this race?

The race to deliver better at the least price is on. Xiaomi being the front-runner has a lot of advantages as they have put their mind, body and soul in delivering the best products at the least prices. They have already been good at delivering MIUI which has now matured enough to deliver an awesome experience which is better than Samsung/Sony Software.

AI is now a priority for these mobile manufacturers as it will change the game in delivering better experience in terms of camera, digital assistants, better search results etc.

All Xiaomi fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of this marvel – Redmi Note 7 and hoping for a top notch product to give them excellent features. The launch on Feb 28, 2019 will be a game changing event to watch out for.

Xiaomi finally launched it’s new Redmi Note 7 Pro on Feb 28, 2019 with amazing price of Rs. 13999 for 64GB variant and Rs. 16999 for 128GB Variant.


Open Your Eyes through Facebook AI

Facebook AI - the cloudblog.in

Facebook AI – New Possibilities – thecloudblog.in

“Do you feel sad when you see an excellent photo clicked, but find the eyes of the person closed in it? If the answer is yes, then this solution from Facebook can help – Facebook AI. “

I would call it a much needed innovation where the whole world is concentrated on clicking images of themselves and their dear ones. A large amount of images captured are not up to the mark and we always thought of clicking it correctly. Facebook being totally dependent on its users who uploads loads of  images everyday and some are not being uploaded due to issues. This will now make those images relevant and will get uploaded. This technology being available on Facebook only will create better positioning for them as well. I would say that this is a step in the right direction. Facebook will be giving more value to its users and earn their loyalty through this. So, be ready for Facebook AI to save our day.

Innovation is the key

If we look at the world from top, then you will see that its kind of saturated with its issues and approach. The big organizations are finding it hard to move ahead. These organizations and their visionary founders are looking towards space, Machine Learning capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, Medical  innovations etc. Every business you run always has scope to move ahead. The only thing you need is to look for different arenas which can help you deliver more to the customer. Facebook being a social platform provides functionalities which give more so that they stick to this platform. No need to mention the players like Amazon, Google, SpaceX, Tesla – who are the front runners in innovation and are advancing ahead a fast pace.

How do you identify areas to deliver more to the customer?

Sometimes we avoid small things which might be a big chunk but is not recognizable. Just like this innovation of opening the eyes by Facebook AI, it looks like an issue which happens due to the devices owned by the users, or their imperfection to take shots or may be due to lighting. It looks like something not created or owned by Facebook, but they identified it as an area where they could get more loyalty from its users by delivering better experience and renewed memories.

Eyes being closed is mostly common when we click images of kids which are usually our best memories. As it could not be clicked correctly, we used to delete or discard such images. But now we have this innovation from Facebook to assist us. Facebook will allow this functionality to be used only when you upload images to Facebook ,will create more content for the social platform.

I would say opportunities are everywhere which could be due to someone else but you can always take a step ahead and deliver better.

How Facebook AI plans to achieve it?

This is like photoshopping your images without using Photoshop. If you are a designer, then you must have heard of Adobe Photoshop. It’s a popular tool which is used by designers all over the world to create graphics for web/print etc. What Facebook AI has achieved, was previously being done by designers with this tool…of course it needs a very good tool knowledge. So, bringing the eyes to life is an achievement as it is now being done through a program without intervention of any designer or any tools.

Now, let’s look at how they would have worked on the algorithm to achieve this important milestone –

a) Again, Data is the key

b) Find previous images to understand your eyes structure

c) Find face dimensions from current images and previous images from library

d) Calculate the size of the eyes by checking the face dimensions in the image

e) Change the size of the eyes copied from other images

f) If this is the only image available, then you probably need to supply some images. Or, wait for some guess work to be implemented

g) If its the only image, then be prepared for some surprises. Without any sample availability,  it will be tough to guess the exact eyes structure, its colours, dimension etc.

These are some of the steps which this algorithm will have to go through before achieving the right output.

If you have given deep thoughts into AI algorithms and feel that there could be more steps which would be required, then do share your thoughts in the comments section below for everyone to understand.