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“Social networks are spoiling our happiness, but difficult to stay away from. Screen time is killing our creativity, but can’t help it. People say that they are not slave to the digital revolution, but they can’t spend even a single day without digital devices. “

Even though, we are aware of so many down sides of going digital or becoming a social addict, but ultimately we are getting deeper into all this. Our life – personal or professional – is now being digitized. We publish to share our memories with our dear ones, it gives a sense of pleasure as we feel connected. We use digital tools everyday for our office work as it is a must for each profession – almost impossible to imagine a profession without using digital devices. In all these changes, a fast change is coming which is of SMART CITIES.

Every developed or developing nation is currently moving towards introducing Smart Cities. Smart Cities are expected to show us how the future will look like for the mankind. These cities are envisioned to give us more security, better living standard, better work environment and ultimately give more happiness. But are they really being planned for our happiness, or they will be used to keep an eye on our daily activities. Smart cities are designed to have the best digital connectivity to counter crimes, accidents, natural disaster etc. but in the end they are also designed to keep an eye on each single step of ours – not only in digital world but also the real world.

IoT – a smart city facilitator

The cameras all over the city was not enough that now, we are installing IoT devices all over which can track us through our finger prints, retina scans etc. IoT is an enabler to the smart city concepts. It has been with us for a long time, but its only now that innovators/institutions have recognized its true potential. This will prove to be a differentiation factor  while comparing the old cities and the new smart cities. The main use of IoT is happening in surveillance, traffic systems, building management etc. By passage of each day, IoT is witnessing a huge number of innovation whether its small toys(Kid’s toys like small robots) or the big boys toys (especially Cars).

Death of anonymity

In today’s times, it is almost impossible to be anonymous. Our foot prints are everywhere,  govt. are keeping a tight vigil on financial transaction for tax calculations. The traffic systems which are equipped with high end cameras are looking over the road but they are also being utilized to keep a tight security around the city. Our office systems keep a track of our movements inside the office. And the most dangerous is the mobile phones in our pockets, the real killer of anonymity. All these things have contributed towards smart cities but in the end killing our right to anonymity. Smart cities are paving a way to a world where you will no longer be anonymous.

Check out the below video to see how every person can be tracked with the use of AI and IoT.

Smart Cities will prove the one phrase right – “You can escape but you can’t hide”

The future is clearly shown in the above video and it is not a distant reality. What do you think of this phenomenon – will it be beneficial for us all?

Kapil Munjal

An avid technology addict, I have major interest in all the new technologies around. Cloud has been very fascinating, which pushed me to start my own blog on the subject.

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