Tennis-as-a-Service (TaaS)


“As a Service concept should not be restricted to Software, it has the potential to involve Software+Hardware as well. Tennis-as-a-Service could be one such idea! “

We have seen multiple examples where Software as a service (Pay as you go) options are available. All these options can easily be implemented and used from anywhere in the world. This can be considered the best business model so far, whether B2B or B2C. As you are billed per-use only, so there is less capital investment which leads to less risk and also keeps you flexible in terms of moving to other providers. There are multiple benefits which you can derive from As-a-service concept, which is making it more popular in today’s time.

Can Hardware be provided as-a-service?

The next revolution will arise when we bring Hardware+Software as-a-service concept. The software has been an intangible product which made it the best candidate to deliver it as-a-service, but now the time has come to reach the next level where Software+Hardware would also be available as-a-service. The difficult part here is how to provide the software remotely, surely it will be a challenge. How about we bring 3-D printers into the picture? You print your hardware at home and download the required software from the internet. This way we don’t have to move even an inch to get the services we require.

The Vision (Tennis-as-a-Service)

A sport which can be played between 2 players and with the minimum hardware required can be the best candidate for such a vision. The next thing which I am gonna say may make you laugh – we won’t be requiring a ball to play tennis. This might not seem real but this is going to be the future if we want to move to such a vision. We have already seen Sony Playstation where players just need to have a small device like Playstation Move. This will be a precursor to the next level of gaming where such devices will be 3-D printed at home and would take us more closer to the “Tennis-as-a-Service” vision.

Now, the questions arise – a) How would we get rid of the ball in this? b) And how can we have a complete experience of the sport?

Get rid of the ball

Getting rid of the ball in a racquet sport seems like taking away all the fun. Here we are getting rid of the real ball but it will remain there virtually. The racquet stroke will also have similar kind of a feel when the ball is hit on the virtual racquet and the ball direction will also be similar to what we see in the real world. Having such a setup not only gives a new dimension but also help the players experiment a different kind of shots.

Replacing the whole racquet

The next part of the game is to replace the racquet with the grip area only. The grip is going to be the most important and the only part of the hardware. As we only hold this area and experience everything on our hands while playing the shots, so having this except the whole racquet will do. Now, what will form this area is going to be the innovation. This area should be able to give you the feel of the complete racquet and it should also let you feel the heaviness when you hit the ball. This will require a lot of new innovations and their fusion with technology to achieve. I am sure this might seem impossible in the start but we know that impossible itself says – “I’m Possible”.

Fusion with Virtual Games

Tennis-as-a-Service will require fusion with the virtual world of gaming as we are counting on the stream to be shown virtually. This will enable two players to play together if one is on Earth and the other on Mars. The war of the next level virtual gaming is already on between Microsoft and Sony. It’s all now between who conceptualises the Hardware-as-as-service concept first.

I have tried to bring something new to the gaming world. I am sure you would also have new concepts brewing in your mind. Share your thoughts below on the new gaming paradigm.

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