The world is changing as per Science fiction

The world is changing as per science fiction

“History repeats itself but the future is written in the books was never thought of. The shape of the world is changing just like the way science fiction movies have been showing us.”

Although entrepreneurs are the ones who get the credit for making new innovations possible. In fact, it’s actually the imaginary mind of the people who do the job. Albert Einstein once quoted – “Imagination is everything, It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. What he quoted seems exactly true today as we move towards automation in every field. And copy all the concepts which have been shown in the movies.

Artificial Intelligence is something which has been there for the last 50 years. But its use has never been so popular and in demand. A few years back, every techno-entrepreneur was just thinking in terms of digitization, processing data or making games. Now, there is nothing which can be thought of without having Prediction model in mind. Artificial Intelligence has brought us to a stage where prediction has been easier looking at the previous data trends. As computer systems have been already capturing data for more than 20 years, so getting the trends and using them on predicting future trends is easy. The movie “Minority Report” is the one which considers the technology to check human behaviour and predicts any crime before it happens.

Impact on Daily Life

Boston Dynamics is an organization which has been working on different kind of robots and their usage in our daily life. Their experiments on making robots walk like humans, carry products in hands, figuring out the surroundings have been very successful. They have reached an advanced stage of making a lot of science fictions real. The most promising movie in terms of robots imitating human actions is I, Robot. I believe if we ever come close to accept robots as our partners in daily life, then it will most likely be the way shown in this movie.

Predict the Future

There is another science fiction movie, which everyone would love to see coming to life, which is Paycheck. This movie shows a machine being developed which visually shows your future. It does this by looking at the lines in your hands and how they relate to the future. This is something which still seems impossible because the future is still unpredictable. Still, there are minds which are working on predicting the future and finding ways to achieve the impossible.

“The change is inevitable but how it comes into existence is something to be thought of. “

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