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“Do you feel sad when you see an excellent photo clicked, but find the eyes of the person closed in it? If the answer is yes, then this solution from Facebook can help – Facebook AI. “

I would call it a much needed innovation where the whole world is concentrated on clicking images of themselves and their dear ones. A large amount of images captured are not up to the mark and we always thought of clicking it correctly. Facebook being totally dependent on its users who uploads loads of  images everyday and some are not being uploaded due to issues. This will now make those images relevant and will get uploaded. This technology being available on Facebook only will create better positioning for them as well. I would say that this is a step in the right direction. Facebook will be giving more value to its users and earn their loyalty through this. So, be ready for Facebook AI to save our day.

Innovation is the key

If we look at the world from top, then you will see that its kind of saturated with its issues and approach. The big organizations are finding it hard to move ahead. These organizations and their visionary founders are looking towards space, Machine Learning capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, Medical  innovations etc. Every business you run always has scope to move ahead. The only thing you need is to look for different arenas which can help you deliver more to the customer. Facebook being a social platform provides functionalities which give more so that they stick to this platform. No need to mention the players like Amazon, Google, SpaceX, Tesla – who are the front runners in innovation and are advancing ahead a fast pace.

How do you identify areas to deliver more to the customer?

Sometimes we avoid small things which might be a big chunk but is not recognizable. Just like this innovation of opening the eyes by Facebook AI, it looks like an issue which happens due to the devices owned by the users, or their imperfection to take shots or may be due to lighting. It looks like something not created or owned by Facebook, but they identified it as an area where they could get more loyalty from its users by delivering better experience and renewed memories.

Eyes being closed is mostly common when we click images of kids which are usually our best memories. As it could not be clicked correctly, we used to delete or discard such images. But now we have this innovation from Facebook to assist us. Facebook will allow this functionality to be used only when you upload images to Facebook ,will create more content for the social platform.

I would say opportunities are everywhere which could be due to someone else but you can always take a step ahead and deliver better.

How Facebook AI plans to achieve it?

This is like photoshopping your images without using Photoshop. If you are a designer, then you must have heard of Adobe Photoshop. It’s a popular tool which is used by designers all over the world to create graphics for web/print etc. What Facebook AI has achieved, was previously being done by designers with this tool…of course it needs a very good tool knowledge. So, bringing the eyes to life is an achievement as it is now being done through a program without intervention of any designer or any tools.

Now, let’s look at how they would have worked on the algorithm to achieve this important milestone –

a) Again, Data is the key

b) Find previous images to understand your eyes structure

c) Find face dimensions from current images and previous images from library

d) Calculate the size of the eyes by checking the face dimensions in the image

e) Change the size of the eyes copied from other images

f) If this is the only image available, then you probably need to supply some images. Or, wait for some guess work to be implemented

g) If its the only image, then be prepared for some surprises. Without any sample availability,  it will be tough to guess the exact eyes structure, its colours, dimension etc.

These are some of the steps which this algorithm will have to go through before achieving the right output.

If you have given deep thoughts into AI algorithms and feel that there could be more steps which would be required, then do share your thoughts in the comments section below for everyone to understand.

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