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“A bot which entertains on the kind of jokes only you like”, how does it feel?

All humans have peculiar taste towards entertainment, some like jokes, some like horror, some like games, some like driving etc. etc. This peculiar taste in entertainment creates the need for entertainment bots which understand your mood and play what gives you happiness. I am referring here the interactive entertainment industry which runs into trillions of dollars … maybe more. We know the journey from radio, TV to the internet but we hardly know why this industry has grown to be the number one. This industry touches on a very personal spot of human life that is to be happy.

We all want to be happy all the time and we look for this happiness in the outer world in different forms. Instead of switching channels or watching movies, we just access the entertainment bot and ask it to check our mood and show us what we would like. This is something not available today, but when it gets launched then it will surely be called “Entertainment as a service” or “EaaS”. The personal aspect will come from Machine Learning which will check the mood of a person by tapping into the human brain and show as per the mood.

Interesting but far fetched

It may look a little far fetched but this will eventually come as browsing the internet or surfing the channels is a waste of time. There was a time when people hardly had access to TV, which was a big surprise to watch real-life visuals. Kids used to think that the actors are inside the TV and dancing. As the world progressed, all these technological innovations seem intrinsic to our daily routine. Similarly, EaaS, when arrive will become an intrinsic part of our daily routine and would not seem far fetched at that stage.

Need for such service

Its human tendency to reach higher than the others. The quest for higher targets has left very less time for ourselves and this will be the use case for saving time and play something as per your mood and taste. In today’s internet age, the customized entertainment is in our hands which is a step ahead of the Radio/TV revolution. EaaS will be the next step in this quest which will change the way technology entertains us.

AR – a feather in the crown

Augmented Reality is the latest game changer in the entertainment industry. Combined with your previous years personal data, it can do wonders.  Augmented reality is making communication as real as it could be. Now, combined with the fun quotient if we go ahead and bring alive some characters as per your thoughts and give your mind a soothing / fun feeling then it would be another remarkable change for EaaS.

Conquering the unthinkable

“How would you feel if you don’t have to open your eyes to watch your entertainment program?”, this is what we saw in a previous article “Computing with Skin and Mind – Facebook Building 8 Initiative” which talks about Facebook working on a technology to reach the brain through the skin. We can refer to the movie “Matrix“, where people were plugged into systems to learn new skills. If everything goes well with Facebook’s plans, then we might encounter such technologies in the near future.

I just came across this quote on entertainment which goes well here – “Entertainment has this way of resetting itself”.

Kapil Munjal

An avid technology addict, I have major interest in all the new technologies around. Cloud has been very fascinating, which pushed me to start my own blog on the subject.


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    • That’s right, now let’s see who takes the leap and achieve it first.

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