Messaging Cloud, a new marketing phenomenon

The Cloud BlogAs a small startup, it is always difficult to find out budget for marketing. Marketing is the most important thing a business needs to reach its customers. But when it comes to budget allocation for marketing, it always seems less. We need to do a lot of research to reach the right customers and to find out the best medium to communicate. Any miss on the decision taken can put the whole campaign at risk as the cost may go up or the target audience might not be reached.

Fortunately in today’s times, we have cloud/internet to the rescue. Now-a-days, we have multiple options available to reach out to our customers. The availability of internet has made everything affordable and customized as per your business needs. A few techniques mentioned below are now available on the cloud and are more affordable.

Email Marketing

Email has been a very reliable medium for marketing your products and services. Although, there are many options available to the receiver to filter out the promotional messages but still most of the organizations are still using it to promote their products. Earlier, organizations used to have their own servers to send promotional mails. But with Cloud, the situation has changed. Such services are available online and with customization. Mailchimp, Zoho etc.

Social Advertising

Another way of advertising has emerged after the advent of facebook is social advertising. Now, a days most of the social networks have grown to such an extent that they have subscribers which exceeds the number of people on single continent. As their reach has grown, so have their impact. These social networks offer advertising on their networks for promoting your business, products, services etc. These seems to have become more relevant as most of the people go to social networks everyday to connect with their friends and family. A recent addition to social advertising is Linkedin which has recently started offering advertising on their network.


Another medium to connect with the customers is through blogs. All those business who understand the usage of blogging have added blogs to their business websites. Business can share relevant and valuable information through blogs to connect with their customers. It is judged as the cheapest medium to keep customers coming back to your website. You should always share information relevant to your business as that is what will be your customer’s interests.

Messaging Cloud

A new medium to connect with customers which has recently gained a lot of limelight is through cloud on digital mediums like browsers, mobile notifications, messengers. This makes the communication a whole lot easier and less expensive. As most of the communications have become over-crowded, it’s the requirement to advent new ways to communicate with customers. Showing messages outside the browser(Chrome, Firefox etc.), notifications on mobile, messages on the messengers through chatbots are making it the most favorite medium to communicate. Other than the benefits of these new ways, it is the cheapest medium also.

It is for every business to understand what is best for them to connect with their customers. As the stakes are always high on a campaign, the business needs to play it right everytime.

Kapil Munjal

An avid technology addict, I have major interest in all the new technologies around. Cloud has been very fascinating, which pushed me to start my own blog on the subject.

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