Real Estate – Survive with Cloud


Real Estate – Survive with Cloud

A few titles on internet pages which tells the current story of Real Estate in India – “The Reality of the Indian Housing Bubble” , “Why India’s home prices will crash”, “Greater Fool Theory & Indian Real Estate”. These shows how bad Real Estate industry is in the current scenario. There are cash starved companies who could not even afford to operate on the current cashflow. Big Bulls of RE are today’s cat and mouse as they have not paid the salaries their employees for the last 6 months.

But, amidst all this, they have to run their business and move ahead with the process which have been setup by them for the current ongoing operations. As we all know that Software systems needs a refresh boost every 7-8 years, and it remains evident in case of RE industry as well. But as the costs are high for the previous system, they now have a better choice to keep their operations moving with the help of Cloud environment.

Outdated Hardware Infra

Any case of upgrade of hardware goes for extra cost and new challenges. Cloud has come the rescue, now you can have such capability through the cloud on your existing systems with the help of just a browser.

Real Estate Billing Solution

The expansion of RE happened when there were hardly any solutions on cloud. Cloud computing was at a nascent stage. But today Cloud Computing has reached its maturity, almost all solutions are available on Cloud through monthly, yearly subscriptions. Any cash starved organization would like to go for such systems which gives them flexibility to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly charges. It doesn’t take away a major chunk of cash on the spot, as in the case of earlier customized software solution. Now, RE organizations and opt for billing systems online to service their customers.

CRM Solution for Real Estate

Although, RE is known for the worst customer centric industry, but they still have to maintain CRM software to service their customers. Bunch of CRM solutions are available online now-a-days which can be opted with flexible subscription.


Cloud Computing – Work with ease

thecloudblog.inThe days of buying servers has gone by. Now, just go online and buy your server fully hosted and ready to work in hours with Cloud Computing. The kind of flexibility achieved through cloud is humongous . Although, a few critic used to write it off with just another gimmick to make profits by big organizations. But Cloud has emerged to be a pinnacle of hope for all the small businesses who doesn’t want to invest in costly hardware and know-how to setup such environments.

The basic requirements of every business are now on cloud – E-mail, CRM, IT & Help Desk, HR etc. Earlier, we used to have separate vendors for all these services with different software which required customization. Now-a-days, all these solution are online which have gone through a lot of process enhancements to suit every business needs.

A few challenges which you can counter with the help of Cloud Computing –

Team Collaboration

If you have members spread over multiple locations and they need to communicate effectively, then Cloud computing can help with readymade suites available from different vendors.

Digital Content Security

Although, Cloud computing was considered less secure in the beginning, but that image has changed. Now, organizations use these specially for keeping their secure content.

Flexible Infra

The biggest advantage of cloud still remains the same, its flexibility to provide infra on demand e.g. Memory, Processing etc.

Customer Relationship Management

All cloud solutions are flexible to use from any location. This gives enough flexibility to employees to capture and view information wherever they want and whenever they want. Undoubtedly, customer information is a key to customer relationship.

Human Resource

As a small organization, it is difficult to buy an HR solution to serve the employees better. With the availability of such solutions on the cloud, the organizations can keep their employees data on the cloud with less expense.